About Draper Park Christian Church

Our core values

We love Jesus.

Without Jesus we've got nothing. He is our creator, our teacher, our shepherd through the valley, our great high priest, our savior and our friend. Everything we do at Draper is to make His name known in all the nations and most of all right here in OKC.

We are devoted to prayer.

Jesus says He wants His church to be known in all the world as a "house of prayer" and we are devoted to that truth at Draper Park. Whether it is at our monthly prayer meeting, Upper Room, or in the home of a friend going through life we believe that prayer is our first and best option to thrive.

We hold God's Word high.

As a church of the restoration movement we seek to return to a simple faith based upon the truth of God's Word and no human tradition. We are committed to deep study, faithful obedience and to speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent.

We show up.

We are created to live in community with one another and so we are committed to showing up for each other and for our community through service, devotion and simple acts of love as Jesus demonstrated in His own life.


At Draper Park Christian Church, our staff isn't just a team; they're family. With a shared commitment to Christ's teachings and a passion for community, our staff creates an environment where faith blooms, relationships deepen, and lives are touched by grace. Come meet the people who make Draper Park a place where everyone can feel at home, grow in faith, and find your place to serve alongside us.

Justin Avery

Lead Pastor

Lanaye Owens

Office Admin

Allen Finch

Worship Pastor

Bobby Paulk

Family Pastor