Draper Park Christian Church
Minister: Harold Stine


“TAKING LIVING WATER TO A THIRSTY WORLD The History of Draper Park Christian Church By Joyce Webb

Sprinkled with light humor and lively anecdotes, this book is a must for anyone who ever attended Draper Park Christian Church.  The church began on South Broadway Avenue in 1928 with the Oklahoma wind for air conditioning, no indoor bathroom, and a fireplace for heat in winter.  Its first pews were benches borrowed from the park across the street from which the church took its name.  But it is also worthwhile to the casual reader for its look at the history of the Capitol Hill area of Oklahoma City and the effect of world events on the people of the church and Capitol Hill.

You may order one for $ 15.00 by contacting Draper Park Christian Church at 405-634-3389 or by mail 8500 S. Walker, Oklahoma City, OK 73139.